Beginner Farmer Education Resources

Name of Program and Organization Level of Instruction Type and General Timeframe Cost

(Accessed Nov. 2018)

Topics Emphasized Web link

Land Stewardship Project

Novice 4 Hour Workshop Held Multiple Times Throughout the Year $20-40 (includes 2 people) Farm Visioning
Stateline Farm Beginnings

Angelic Organics Learning Center

Novice to Beginner Year-Long Program with Winter Business Planning Workshops (Saturdays), One-on-one Mentorships, and Field Day Workshops $1,500 (payment plan & scholarships available) Farm Visioning, Accessing Land, Accessing Markets, Business Planning, Farm Finances, Farm Law, Production Training
Field School

Community Groundworks

Novice to Beginner Season long internship, Monday-Friday from April-October Free, with compensation at $9/hr , 28-35 hrs/week Urban agriculture, youth garden-based education, production techniques, business management, community engagement
Wisconsin School for Beginning Market Growers

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Novice to Beginner Intensive 3 Day Course in January or February $315-345 (some $100 scholarships available) Production Training, Financing, Business Management, Farm Finances, Access to Markets, Interpersonal Communication
New Farmer U


Novice to Beginner Weekend Long Conference $125 Production training, Land access, Access to Markets, Business Planning, Financing, Farm Law
Fearless Farm Finances


Novice to Beginner 1 Day Intensive Training $50 Farm Finances
Madison Farm and Industry Short Course

University of Wisconsin

Novice to Beginner 16 Week, Hands-On Courses ~ $487.50 per credit Business Planning, Production Training, Farm Law, Access to Markets, Farm Finances, Urban Agriculture
Farmshed Novice to Beginner 1 Day Workshops Free-$20 Production Training, Market Access
Southwest Badger: Resource Conservation and Development Council Novice to Beginner 1 Day Workshops and Field Days Free-$50 Production Training, Farm Finances–events.html
Growing for Future National Farmers Union Beginner to Novice Yearly 4 day online conference Free Production Training, Farm Finances, Food Safety
Farm Beginning

Land Stewardship Project

Beginner 1 Year Training in Farmer-Led Classroom Sessions and On-Farm Tours $1,500 (Payment plan & partial scholarships available) Farm Visioning, Production Training, Business Management, Market Access, Farm Finances
Land Access Workshop for Beginning Farmers

Land Stewardship Project

Beginner 1 Day Intensive Training Free Land Access, Farm Finances
New Farmer Project Webinars

University of Vermont

Novice to Proficient Webinars Free Production training, Market Access, Farm Finances, Business Planning, Land Access, Farm Law
Organic University Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service MOSES Novice to Proficient 1 Day Intensive Training Before MOSES Conference in Early Spring $100-125 Production Training, Interpersonal Communication, Access to Markets, Land Access, Farm Finances, Farm Law, Business Planning, Food Safety
CRAFT Farmer Field Days

Angelic Organics Learning Center

Novice to Proficient Field Days Free for members, $20 for non-members Production Training, Intrapersonal Communication, Business Planning, Food Safety
Farm Commons Novice to Proficient Online Webinars, Farm Law Guides & Models, Podcast, Online Courses, Video Trainings Free Farm Law, Food Safety
Small Farms Program

Cornell University

Novice to Proficient 5-7 Week Online Courses with live webinars and online discussion $200-250 per course Production Training, Access to Markets, Business Planning, Farm Finances
FairShare CSA Coalition Novice to Proficient 1 Day Intensive Trainings Free to $20 Production Training, Farm Finances, Business Planning
Practical Farmers of Iowa
Beginner to Proficient Online 90 minute webinars, November – March Free Production and business topics, all enterprises
Journeyperson Course

Land Stewardship Project

Advanced to Proficient 2 Year Course with Weekend Planning Retreats, Financial Advisors, and One-on-One Mentoring $1,200 with opportunities for scholarships Business Planning, Farm Finances, Financing, Production Training, Interpersonal Communications