Farmer Educators

Are you interested in training skilled workers that return to your farm each year?  The Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprenticeship provides materials and support for farmers to train and retain skilled workers on their farms.

Benefits for Farmer Instructor:

  • Retention of quality employees
  • Building effective training strategies for all farm workers
  • Access to a comprehensive job training manual created by experienced vegetable growers
  • Attracting employees who are invested in learning
  • Potential for shared decision making on high-level farm functions like crop planning and employee supervision
  • Potential to retain a skilled farm manager with specific knowledge of your operation
  • Participation in a network of farmer instructors interested in providing quality on-farm education

Minimum qualifications for Farmer Educator:

  • Hold a valid, accredited organic certification
  • Be in business for at least one year
  • Ability to train the apprentice in all mandatory duties
  • Employ the apprentice for at least 32 hours per week during the growing season


  • Farmer Instructor must pay an hourly wage averaging at least 60% of the farm’s trained Farm Manager rate over the full apprenticeship
  • Farmer Instructor must pay the hourly wage for the apprentice’s 144 classroom hours
  • Apprentice is responsible for class tuition and books, roughly $600

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